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The 2020/2021 edition of the Phi-Phenomenon is finally live. All pages are updated. One thing that readers may notice is that many of the pages are a bit longer. This is an old site. In fact, I first uploaded it to the web using a dial-up modem. I was conscious about not making any of the pages too big, causing them to take a long time to load. I finally realized that there are very few people out there who still use dial-up modems.

At this point, I do not know when the next update will take place. I do not want this site to get too out of date. However, waiting a few years provides the opportunity for more change to take place, which makes the update, when it finally arrives, to feel more like an update than like a bit of tinkering. At minimum, I am leaning toward waiting to start the update until after the 2022 Sight & Sound poll results are published as well as any lists inspired by the poll.

Welcome to the


2020/2021 Edition

Many different people have used a number of methods to determine what is the best film of all time. Some merely assert that their favorite films are the best. Others take polls. Some poll film fans; others poll critics. However, they come to many different results. Some say that Citizen Kane (1941) is the best film ever made. Others say that Star Wars (1977) or The Godfather (1972) is the best. This site combines data from hundreds of lists containing thousands of films to determine the consensus best film of all time.

This analysis does create a list of greatest films of all time (presented both by rank and alphabetically). However, this site goes beyond just one list. This site has found that there are at least three different tastes in film and looks at the favorite films of each taste. Furthermore, the films on the master list are sorted by director, actor, year and decade, genre, nation of origin, and other means. This site also includes a list of the top films according to regular film fans.

In addition to the FAQ page, there is also the Phi-Phenomenon Philosophy, which describes the assumptions used in the creation of the best film lists, a method section that explains how the lists were made, and an extensive links and references page, presenting many of the top film lists available on the internet and in print.

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