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Identifying the best Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes

Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans love to argue about which episodes are their best. Some believe that "Becoming, Parts 1 and 2" are the greatest episodes. Others believe that "Once More, with Feeling," "Hush," and "The Body" are the greatest. There are even fans who love "Doublemeat Palace."

Like its sister site, The Phi-Phenomenon, the Buffy Phenomenon studies lists that people make. Instead of studying lists of the greatest films of all time to create the definitive best film list, the Buffy Phenomenon studies lists of the greatest episodes to create the definitive best (and worst) episode list. The episodes are listed by rank, alphabetically, by writer, by director, and by season. This site also lists the episodes that polarize fans and episodes that fans have largely forgotten as well as streaks of great and weak episodes.

This site also tries to figure out what makes an episode great or weak. It looks at the extent to which the quality of an episode may be affected by the when the episode aired, the episode's writer and director, and the relative prominance or absence of major characters in that episode.

Finally, this site has found that Buffy fans do not agree on everything. There are at least two different tastes in Buffy episodes. Users can now see how fans differ in how they rank episodes. Users can also see how fans differ in how when the episode aired, major characters, writers, and directors may affect the quality of an episode.

WARNING!!—This site contains spoilers. Most pages give episode titles for all 144 episodes, indicate how good each of these episodes are, and indicate who wrote and directed each episode. The Characters Ranked page also mentions characters who do not appear until season 7 and discusses the presence or absence of major characters in seventh season episodes, and the Seasons Ranked page describes all seven seasons.

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