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Top Films by Nation of Origin

These lists rank films based on their nation of origin. The Internet Movie Database is the ultimate arbitor as to which nations are the nations of origin for a given film. Many films come from more than one nation. When this happens, footnotes will indicate the other nations of origin for each film. Nations that produced at least fifty films will have their own separate page(s).

Nations Producing at Least Fifty Films on the Master List


Other Asian Nations

Hong Kong India Indonesia Iran Israel The People's Repuplic of China
South Korea Taiwan Thailand Turkey United Arab Emirates Vietnam

Other European Nations

Albania Austria Belgium Bosnia-Herzegovina Bulgaria Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic
Denmark East Germany Finland Greece Hungary Iceland
Ireland Latvia Luxembourg Malta Monaco The Netherlands
North Macedonia Norway Poland Romania Slovenia Sweden
Switzerland Soviet Union and Russia Yugoslavia

Other Nations

Algeria Argentina Australia The Bahamas Botswana Brazil
Burkina Faso Cameroon Chile Cuba The Dominican Republic Jamaica
Kenya Mali Mexico Morocco New Zealand Peru
Senegal South Africa Tunisia Venezuela
This page was last modified on April 13, 2020