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Most Forgotten Episodes

There are some episodes over which fans are polarized. Some fans love each of them and other fans hate each of them. There are also episodes that fans appear to have forgotten. The episodes below fall in the bottom half of all episodes both on the frequency in which they appear in the best 25% of all episodes and on the frequency in which they appear in the worst 25% of all episodes. In other words, few people think that these episodes are great and few think that they are bad. The episodes are ranked based on how far they are from appearing in the top half of all episodes in either category.

Rank Title Season/
Writer(s) Director Overall
1 The Price 3.19 David Fury Marita Grabiak 76
2 Long Day's Journey 4.09 Mere Smith Terrence O'Hara 72
3 Sacrifice 4.20 Ben Edlund David Straiton 74
4 Underneath 5.17 Sarah Fain & Elizabeth Craft Skip Schoolnik 60
5 Untouched 2.04 Mere Smith Joss Whedon 63
6 Benediction 3.21 Tim Minear Tim Minear 67
7 Habeas Corpses 4.08 Jeffrey Bell Skip Schoolnik 61
8 Conviction 5.01 Joss Whedon Joss Whedon 71
9 That Vision Thing 3.02 Jeffrey Bell Fred Keller 53
This page was last modified on August 23, 2004