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Most Polarized Episodes

In general, Buffy fans tend to be in agreement on the best and worst episodes of the show. However, there are some episodes over which fans are divided. If this site analyzed only best episode lists, the episodes below would rank higher than they do now. If this site analyzed only worst episode lists, they would rank lower than they do now.

The episodes below rank in the top half both in the probability of falling in the top 25% of all episodes on any given list and in the probability of falling in the bottom 25% of all episodes on any given list. "Amends" and "Seeing Red" are the episodes that are most likely to appear on both a best episode list and a worst episode list written by the same person, but several other episodes have had that honor.

Rank Title Season/
Writer(s) Director Overall
1 The Zeppo 3.13 Dan Vebber James Whitmore Jr. 46
2 Lies My Parents Told Me 7.17 David Fury and Drew Goddard David Fury 44
3 The Pack 1.06 Matt Kiene & Joe Reinkemeyer Bruce Seth Green 87
4 Dead Things 6.13 Steven S. DeKnight James A. Contner 73
5 Smashed 6.09 Drew Z. Greenberg Turi Meyer 79
6 Touched 7.20 Rebecca Rand Kirshner David Solomon 55
7 Him 7.06 Drew Z. Greenberg Michael Gershman 99
8 Amends 3.10 Joss Whedon Joss Whedon 36
9 Seeing Red 6.19 Steven S. DeKnight Michael Gershman 39
10 Triangle 5.11 Jane Espenson Christopher Hibler 70
11 Pangs 4.08 Jane Espenson Michael Lange 42
12 Beneath You 7.02 Douglas Petrie Nick Marck 74
13 Wild at Heart 4.06 Marti Noxon David Grossman 69
This page was last modified on February 5, 2013