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Seasons Ranked by Taste

The table below ranks all seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for each taste based on the average number of points that each episode has.

Loyalists Jumpers
Rank Season Average Season Average
1 Season 3 78.73 Season 3 95.22
2 Season 7 76.78 Season 2 84.41
3 Season 5 75.53 Season 4 76.50
4 Season 6 75.36 Season 1 70.16
5 Season 4 70.53 Season 5 69.83
6 Season 2 69.14 Season 7 55.60
7 Season 1 52.21 Season 6 54.70

Loyalists believe that, if anything, Buffy improved across its seven year run. Loyalists like season three episodes the most, and they slightly prefer the episodes in the fifth season over the episodes in the sixth season. Otherwise, they see a large increase in quality from the first season to the second season and a small but steady improvement across the rest of the seasons. Jumpers, on the other hand, see large improvement from season one to season two to season three, and an even larger decline from season three to season four to season five to seasons six and seven.

Overall, the season in which an episode aired mattered more to Jumpers than it did to Loyalists. To Loyalists, only 5.0% of the quality of an episode is attributable to the season in which the episode aired. To Jumpers, 20.4% of the quality of an episode is attributable to the season in which the episode aired. For Loyalists, an additional 16.7% can be attributed to whether an episode is the last or second-to-last episode in a season. For Jumpers, 10.7% can be attributed to when the episode aired within the season. Whether an episode is part of a two-part episode explains an additional 6.3% for Loyalists and 6.7% for Jumpers. Neither Loyalists nor Jumpers seem to care whether an episode is a season opener or not (0.2% for Loyalists and 0.0% for Jumpers), but knowing whether an episode is a season opener matters later when it can explain why they are liked less than other episodes written and directed by Joss Whedon.

This page was last modified on November 7, 2011