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Directors Ranked by Taste

This page ranks directors based on the average quality of their episodes according to Loyalists and Jumpers. All data below take into account when an episode aired and whether it was one part of a two-part episode. More detail is on the Directors Ranked page.

The Joss bonus represents how many more points an episode that this person directed would get if Joss Whedon directed it instead. High numbers suggest that Joss Whedon could have done a much better job with the episodes that the director directed. Lower numbers suggest that the director is almost as good as Joss Whedon. By definition, Joss Whedon gets a 0 on this statistic. This interpretation assumes that the director of the episode is the main cause of the episode's quality.

Rank Loyalists Jumpers
1 Joss Whedon 0.00 Joss Whedon 0.00
2 Nick Marck 15.92 Nick Marck 8.50
3 Michael Gershman 17.36 Michael Lange 13.88
4 Michael Lange 20.74 Michael Gershman 16.22
5 James A. Contner 30.39 David Grossman 24.91
6 David Grossman 31.47 James A. Contner 26.36
7 Other Directors 33.59 Other Directors 28.87
8 David Solomon 36.80 David Solomon 34.79
9 David Semel 39.73 David Semel 34.82
10 Bruce Seth Green 42.66 Bruce Seth Green 36.34
11 David Greenwalt 46.55 David Greenwalt 43.01
12 James Whitmore Jr. 47.76 James Whitmore Jr. 44.60

Loyalists and Jumpers generally agree on who directs the best episodes. Every director has an identical or nearly identical rank on each list.

The smaller Joss Bonuses for Jumpers suggest that, in general, Loyalists prefer Joss Whedon episodes more than Jumpers do. This is especially true for "Chosen." When this is taken into account, the data above show that Loyalists also prefer David Solomon more than Jumpers do, and Jumpers prefer Nick Marck more than Loyalists do.

Overall, the writer of a particular episode explains 14.2% of episode quality for Loyalists and 12.7% for Jumpers.

This page was last modified on January 23, 2013